A New Dawn for Animation?

Animation has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its versatility and visual appeal. It's been used for both compelling narrative storytelling and effective branded content, captivating audiences worldwide.

A New Dawn for Animation?

One medium has taken center stage for its remarkable impact over the past few years: animation. Whether used for compelling narrative storytelling or effective branded content animation has surged in popularity, captivating audiences worldwide with its versatility and visual appeal. With this in mind we explored some of our more visually striking services and how they’ve thrived recently as a result.

Our statistics shed light on the remarkable ascent of animation and graphic content as a medium. For example, the ranks of graphic designers and illustrators on our platform have swelled by 64% and 55%, respectively, over the past year. The growth doesn’t stop there - in just one year, the number of storyboard artists on our platform surged by nearly 90%. This underscores the interdisciplinary nature of animation production and the diverse skill sets required to bring animated worlds to life, from pre-production to post.

What's particularly interesting to us is the increase in project price payouts across various animation-related roles. Graphic designers, for instance, witnessed a remarkable 37% rise in project price payouts on average. Similarly, the average project value for colorists soared by 22%, signaling a growing appreciation for the nuanced artistry involved in adding depth and vibrancy to animated scenes. This surge reflects not only the heightened demand for these services but also the recognition of the pivotal role they play in shaping the visual identity of animated content. Meanwhile, storyboard artists experienced a 2x increase in project payouts, underscoring the crucial role of pre-production processes in laying the groundwork for gripping storytelling and visual coherence.

These statistics paint a fascinating picture of animation's ascendance, and a clear choice of medium for creators and businesses alike. So what's driving this surge in demand and investment?

A still from the animated film Flee, which blends traditional documentary storytelling with stunning animation.

Animation offers unparalleled flexibility and creativity in storytelling. From whimsical narratives to hard-hitting social commentary, animation transcends the constraints of live-action production, allowing creators to explore limitless possibilities and push the boundaries of imagination. We recently sat down with Mauricio González-Aranda, a crew member of the Oscar nominated movie Flee to discuss exactly this. This documentary turns the traditional stylings of the format on its head by leveraging beautiful animated sequences to tell the stories of the main character’s past. It achieves its most powerful moments through animation, transporting the viewer into a moment that stand-alone narration can’t take them.

Red Bull's "For Real" series leverages animation for its more compelling moments.

Red Bull offers another take on how effective animation can be as a storytelling tool. Their “For Real” series blends professional skater Zion Wright’s sit down interview with dynamic animation sequences to bring his story to life. This stylistic choice creates a much more memorable experience, accentuating the more comical and intense moments of Zion’s story and breathing life into the interview by injecting visual elements. Glimmer Creator and Executive Producer Jason Beauregard explains just how it all comes together in our piece on Red Bull’s “For Real” series.

In an increasingly digital-centric world animation resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Its universal appeal transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, making it an effective tool for communication and engagement in a globalized marketplace. In addition, the rise of streaming platforms and digital marketing has created a voracious appetite for fresh, captivating content. Animation, with its ability to capture attention and evoke emotion through spectacular visual design, has emerged as a strategic asset for brands looking to stand out in a crowded media landscape.

As the demand for animation continues to soar, opportunities abound for aspiring artists, storytellers, and brands looking to leave a mark on their audience. This is proven by the remarkable growth and impact animation has had as a content medium has had in recent years and on our platform. With rising demand for such creators on Glimmer, higher project payouts, and boundless creative potential from the medium, animation is poised to shape the future of storytelling and redefine the way we connect with audiences around the world. As we embark on this journey of exploration and innovation, one thing is clear: the era of animation has only just begun.