Celebrating Women's Stories with 3 Visionary Creators

Join us as we shine a spotlight on the remarkable work of women who are bringing women’s stories to light. From historical achievements to tales of empowerment, get ready to be inspired by Glimmer creators.

Celebrating Women's Stories with 3 Visionary Creators

Jillian Ezra

Jillian's work for Lowes sparks action with a Habitat for Humanity project.

Jillian Ezra runs Ezra Productions, an award-winning woman-owned video production company based in Los Angeles. Lowe’s Home Improvement hired them to create a video that encouraged women to join the growing conversation about women’s empowerment with the hashtag #buildher, and to get them to take action by joining a build project with Habitat for Humanity during National Women Build Week. 

Traditionally, construction is viewed as male-dominated, much like camera work or directing on a film set. This campaign shifted the narrative, highlighting that women are builders too. The video showcases women of various ages working together on a Habitat for Humanity house, emphasizing their role in building families, businesses, communities, and the future. The underlying message is that women possess the skills, confidence, and teamwork to make a difference.

The voiceover encourages viewers to recognize that women don't need permission to pursue their dreams. As Ava Duvernay wisely said, "Don't wait for permission to do something creative. If you're doing something outside of the dominant culture there's not an easy place for you. You will have to do it yourself. When you're in your lane, there's no traffic." By showcasing diverse women confidently building a home, Ezra Productions aims to inspire others to take action in their lives.

Estefania Rodriguez Perez

Estefania sheds light on gender inequalities around the world for this CNN piece.

Estefania Rodriguez Perez produced, shot, and edited this project for “As Equals”, a CNN series that aims to reveal what systemic gender inequalities look like. As Equals focuses on the underreported issues in the majority world and intends to spotlight taboo subjects, investigate gendered harms, and affect change. Focused on the impact of colonialism on our worldview, the film follows the inspiring journeys of Jessica and Laurence, powerful African women reclaiming their cultural practices. 

Estefania and her team crafted a visually captivating narrative, blending the elegance of their protagonists with observational moments, to create an inviting, immersive environment that draws the audience in. Hearing the story of Jessica and Laurence can inspire young African women to celebrate their heritage and overcome the deep and long-lasting effects of colonialism. 

Muriel Rebora


Muriel Rebora lends her skills to animate this stunning piece for BBC.

Muriel Rebora animated and edited this video for BBC Reel’s ReThink series, which urges the reconsideration of preconceived notions by highlighting the opinions of distinguished individuals from all walks of life. Muriel emphasizes the significance of public conversations around complex topics such as gender roles and aims to deromanticize notions around motherhood. 

The challenge lay in finding the right visual style to complement such reflective, intimate content. Muriel heightened the piece by utilizing an organic doodle style, weaving it intricately to evoke intimate emotions while maintaining abstract and poetic visual representations.