Content Production Lifts-Off: The Vital Role of Drone Operators in Your Creative Workforce

In the ever changing landscape of content production drone work has broken out as one of the most in-demand creative services, surging by an impressive 47%. But what does this mean for Brands producing content in 2024?

Content Production Lifts-Off: The Vital Role of Drone Operators in Your Creative Workforce

The future of content production is here. We are witnessing a remarkable evolution with technology playing a pivotal role in shaping the way we capture and deliver mesmerizing visuals. One of the most groundbreaking innovations is the integration of drones into Brands’ creative processes. This trend has catapulted in importance over the last few years - and is one that’s here to stay.

In the ever changing landscape of content production, drone work has recently broken out as one of the most in-demand services requested by Brands. Our statistics revealed that demand for drone-operated projects on our platform had surged by an impressive 47% over the previous year, marking a significant shift in how Brands approach their content production needs. Whether it's sweeping vistas of landscapes, captivating cityscapes, or immersive action sequences, drones open up a world of creative possibilities by enriching the visual storytelling experience for all. Additionally, the versatility and efficiency of drones make them an indispensable tool for a wide range of industries beyond just entertainment. With subject matter on Glimmer ranging from real estate to construction to agriculture to environmental monitoring, there aren’t many industries drones haven’t touched.

Since 2020 there has been a 132% increase in Drone Projects overall, with over 40% in the past year alone.

The rise of social media and online platforms has fueled an insatiable appetite for visually engaging content as well. As we mentioned in one of our previous articles about the rise of social media productions, digital content creators have surged by an overwhelming margin in 2023. In this hyper-competitive digital landscape, businesses and creators alike have begun to seize every opportunity to stand out and captivate their audience's attention by incorporating trending technologies with Drone Operators ahead of the curve in 2023. In fact, since the beginning of 2022, we've witnessed a 40% increase of drone operators on platform.

It's crucial to recognize that operating a drone requires specialized skills and expertise. From navigating complex regulations and ensuring safety compliance to mastering the technical intricacies of aerial cinematography, drone operators undergo rigorous training to deliver professional-grade results. Because of these stipulations, it can be difficult to find a drone operator with the required experience (especially since most localities require a license). This can make it challenging to find high caliber creative work despite the explosive trend. However, Glimmer’s Talent Discovery Experience is home to thousands of content creators that specialize in Drone Operator services, ensuring your Brand can soar into the future of content production.