Crafting Excellence: Why Quality Editing is a Production Essential

In the fast-paced world of content creation, quality video is a non-negotiable part of any successful strategy. But with this demand comes the need for skilled professionals to ensure that content is engaging, polished, and effective. Enter editors, the unsung heroes of the digital age.

Crafting Excellence: Why Quality Editing is a Production Essential
Photo by Peter Stumpf / Unsplash

There’s been a more than impressive uptrend when it comes to the service category of “Editing,” and we have statistics to back it up. This service on Glimmer has experienced unprecedented growth, and opportunities for editors across various disciplines have multiplied at an astonishing rate.

Senior Editors are Leading the Charge

The role of Senior Editor has seen remarkable growth on our platform compared to the previous year. This follows an industry transformation from in-person to remote work (which you can read more about here) as well as a growing demand for the service. Our data shows the number of opportunities for Senior Editors has nearly tripled on Glimmer, proving that demand for top level talent in this category is abundant. Our talent has risen to meet that demand, as Glimmer creators that offer this service have grown by a stunning 66% within the last year alone. This surge in demand for experienced editors underscores the industry's recognition of the importance in crafting high-quality video content. Not only that, but Senior Editors bring a creative vision and storytelling prowess backed by years of experience that elevates production teams to new heights

Documentary Editors are still finding remarkable stories to tell

There are an unbelievable amount of stories to tell; which is evident by documentaries continuing to surge in popularity. This demand is fueled by streaming platforms and the appetite for compelling real-life narratives, with new stories being brought into the limelight every day. The need for Documentary Editors has followed suit, with a staggering 75% growth rate in opportunities available on our platform. While one might make the assumption that editing jobs are interchangeable, there are distinctive differences between editing between mediums and industries. This experience sets documentary editors apart with their ability to craft compelling tales from traditional methods of the medium, a delicate balance of storytelling, research, and visual storytelling. These skilled editors are indispensable and crucial to bringing these documentaries to life, and their talents are often not interchangeable with other editors.

Commercial Editors are powering Brand Stories

In the world of advertising and marketing, every second counts. Commercial Editors employ a different set of skills and play a crucial role in capturing attention, conveying brand messages, and driving action. With a 30% growth rate in postings on Glimmer, the need for Commercial Editors continues to reach new heights. These editors possess the ability to distill complex concepts into digestible content, ensuring that brands resonate with their target audience. Commercial editors account for one of our largest talent pools, with thousands of talented individuals available in this category - some of whom have worked with massive global brands such as Starbucks or Meta. This experience pays for itself in spades, especially when you consider how large scale these productions can become. Just take a look at some of our Glimmer Creators that have worked on these kinds of things if you don’t believe us.

Editing will always be an essential part of a production workflow. A skilled editor provides a level of professionalism and quality in the post production process with the goal of engaging audiences. In the case of commercials they ensure that a brand’s reputation carries throughout the entire spot; or they empower a documentary’s narrative with their creative expertise. Continued growth of the editing service category is a testament to its indispensable role in today's content production landscape in all areas - from senior level editors to those just starting out. Whether content you’re crafting, hiring a skilled video editor is not just a luxury but a necessity to be certain your perfect production doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor.