Harnessing the Power of Content for Climate Action

Visual storytelling wields immense power, so it’s no surprise dedicated creators have begun utilizing their lenses not only to capture breathtaking landscapes, but to spotlight the urgent crisis of our time: climate change and its profound impact on our environment.

Harnessing the Power of Content for Climate Action
Photo by Jakob Owens / Unsplash

These visionary creators are not merely documenting the world as it is, but actively shaping the discourse and inspiring action through their thought-provoking works. Through their lens, they offer a poignant narrative, weaving together compelling imagery, informative narratives, and emotional resonance to drive home the importance of environmental stewardship. Join us on a journey as we explore the remarkable contributions of these creators and the profound stories they tell.

Anima Films

Anima Films worked with National Geographic and Prada to develop and execute a series of ocean stories in the Indo Pacific, the Arctic, and the Mediterranean. They worked closely with communities in each location to understand how humans are impacting crucial marine ecosystems and which local and indigenous initiatives are making a positive difference for our oceans. 

The project was made in support of Prada’s Sea Beyond initiative–a partnership with IOC/UNESCO that supports ocean literacy, science-based solutions and humanitarian projects aimed at building a more sustainable relationship with marine ecosystems around the world.

The ocean is crucial for all life–it generates 50% of the oxygen on Earth and supports a myriad species–including us. Finding solutions to the crisis affecting our ocean means listening to indigenous and local voices and reconsidering our relationship with the natural world–as Inuit microbiologist Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann says, it’s all connected. We are a part of nature, not apart from it.

Cori Chong

Pledge to Our Keiki was a collaboration between United Airlines, Conservation International, and non-profit Kanu Hawai’i. was written and created by students from Malama Honua PCS in Waimanalo and Aka'ula School on Moloka'i to capture the views and hopes of how the youth of Hawaii would like visitors to experience and treat their island home. It asks that people pledge to treat Hawai‘i with respect and reverence to preserve the islands’ future. 

Wakeful State teamed up with Planit Branding to deliver a 2-minute video featuring original footage shot by land, ocean, and air throughout the Hawaiian Islands. They developed the creative concept, directing, producing, casting, location scouting, filming, editing, and color grading. A key part of their journey was working with Hawaiian cultural consultants during the scriptwriting process. They wanted to honor the people of this place and create something the entire community could feel good about and support. Aiming to provide Hawaiʻi with a way to better manage tourism responsibly and serve as a model of sustainability, this project is a departure from an extractive model of tourism, and acts as one that respects place and future generations.