Has Your Business Adopted an Agile Creative Workforce? See These Three Examples

The future is all about the agile creative workforce. So, how are businesses adopting this method to find production success, and how is Glimmer providing them the tools to do so?

Has Your Business Adopted an Agile Creative Workforce? See These Three Examples

We know that the future is all about the agile workforce. But is this relevant to the world of video production? During the pandemic, companies that adopted advanced, remote digital technologies, implementing an agile workforce mindset, outperformed others in business growth, according to McKinsey research. These companies are “future-ready” as they’ve invested in the latest AI and cloud-based technologies and employ a workforce that is increasingly external, project-based, and flexible.

For more than a decade, Glimmer has built a technology platform that is helping companies become future-ready by allowing them to hire, manage and pay creative talent on demand across the world. From startups to some of the largest global corporations, companies can scale up content production efforts in just a few days, saving essential time and resources.

Here are three companies setting themselves up for success by leveraging Glimmer's tools to adapt to an agile workforce.

67 Pall Mall

67 Pall Mall is a private members club founded by “wine lovers for wine lovers.” They have locations in London, Singapore, Verbier, and Beaune. Today, all brands operate as media companies with an “always-on” mindset. In this same vein, 67 Pall Mall launched their TV channel where they share premium content related to wine with their worldwide community. Instead of flying production crews to various locations, the company hired local Glimmer creators in South Africa, Cyprus, Chile, and India to film 45-minute to one-hour episodes for their “Live From The Vines” series.

Here’s a video Hardik Contractor created from Sula Vineyards in Maharashtra, India.

INDIA | Sula Vineyards | 67 PALL MALL TV
Up until 1996, the Indian province of Nashik was virgin wine territory, yet today it is considered the wine capital of…


Meta partnered with the International Paralympics Committee to explore five uplifting stories from Paralympians to change perceptions of disability through VR and the immersive web. The athletes were based in Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Oslo, Fort Lauderdale, and San Diego. “This kind of production is impossible without a partner like Glimmer,” Jay Morgan, a creative strategist at Meta’s Creative Shop told us. “We’re trying to do the impossible. We’re trying to shoot in five locations around the world. There’s different languages involved. There’s different time zones. We just had to have an agile partner like Glimmer to do this.”

Jay remotely produced the series from Sydney, Australia. “The traditional way would’ve been myself and the team getting on a plane and flying all the way around the world. And that just wasn’t possible. And I don’t think it’s possible moving forward either,” he said.

A screenshot from RAW: EMOTION UNITES US


MyHeritage is a genealogy platform with a powerful video marketing arm, partly because they have embraced a future-ready production mindset. They film customer testimonials of long-lost family members who have found each other via their platform after a DNA match. The company is based in Israel but has hired crews in countries like Colombia, Sweden, and France. For one project, MyHeritage hired four local video professionals in South Korea to film the reunion of two sisters.

MyHeritage has closely adopted the agile workforce model. “We would need two video teams for the day: Each to join one of the sisters simultaneously and accompany them on their way from Seoul to meet each other in Daegu for the first time,” the company detailed in their Glimmer project posting.

By Shivan Sarna, Head of Stories