Here Are the 65 Content Production Services Our Platform Offers: A Comprehensive List

You've got a content production need, and we've got the solution. We break down the 60+ services on our platform to invigorate your content strategy.

Here Are the 65 Content Production Services Our Platform Offers:  A Comprehensive List

You've got a content production need, and we've got the solution. You can find more than 60 services on our platform broken into core categories such as videography, production management, directing, production crew, producing, writing, talent, audio, editing, styling, photography, live streaming, immersive/spatial video capture, art department, digital design, and social media.

Hire creators for any service, anytime, anywhere in the world. Glimmer creators are the best in the industry and have the work experience to show for it. Here's a detailed look at all our services to invigorate your content strategy.


News shooter/Video Journalist: Experienced journalist capable of shooting and producing news stories.

Documentary DP: Director of photography with experience in short or long form documentary productions.

Commercial DP: Director of photography with experience shooting ad spots in the field or on set.

Corporate Videographer: A videographer who specializes in producing content for companies and corporations, at events, panels or other engagements.

Drone Operator: Professional drone operator for aerial photography and videography.

Immersive/Spatial Video Capture: A professional filmmaker or production company with equipment and experience capturing immersive/spatial experiences (for example, video with a 360-degree perspective).

Production Management

Senior Producer/Project Manager: A senior producer is a skilled project manager who can handle all aspects of crewing, budgeting, production management, and editorial direction. A senior producer oversees the production and can work directly with the client.

Series Producer/Showrunner: A series producer, or showrunner, has the creative authority and management responsibilities over a show or series, including development, writing, pitching, budgeting, and crewing.

Production Coordinator/Crewing: A coordinating producer in charge of crewing helps find, vet, and hire the crew they find on Storyhunter. They also may handle pre-production, story development, or production.

Post-Production Manager: The post-production manager oversees a team of editors to ensure the quality and efficient execution of the final video product for any production.


Non-Fiction Film Director: A director for non-fiction video and film handles all aspects of the visualization and dramatic interpretation of the script while guiding the technical crew and talent.

Creative Director: A director who brings artistic sensibilities to complex video projects and typically oversees development and/or production.

Production Crew

Production Company: Production company handling all aspects of production and crewing.

Grip: Lighting technician or electrician.

Gaffer: Lighting designer for your set or interview.

Production Assistant: Professional production assistant who can help your crew on location.

Fixer: Local who can assist in securing access to characters, sources, and locations.


Executive Producer: A highly experienced producer and leader who can manage all aspects of production, branding, and design, in addition to editorial and creative direction for a campaign or content initiative.

TV News Producer: Field producer with proven broadcast TV and editorial news experience who can assist your crew on location.

Field Producer: A local journalist who can act as a point person on the ground to help with recruiting local crew and coordinate crew logistics.

Line Producer/On-Location: A line producer handles all day-to-day aspects of on-location field production, including budgeting, crewing, and dealing with logistical issues during the shoot. They often are the first person you hire for a remote shoot or film.


Translator: A professional translator who can provide translation services in either verbal or written form.

Typographer: A typographer is a person, such as a compositor, printer, or designer, specializing in choosing, designing, and arranging type matter.

Transcriber: A transcriber will type out the scripts from any video, film or interview.

Copywriter: A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

Copy Editor: A person who edits text to be printed or published by checking its consistency and accuracy.


On-Air Reporter/Host: On-air talent for hosting news shows or reporting live.

On-Camera Talent: An actor or on-screen performer who can deliver a performance to communicate a specific narrative.

Audio Storytelling/Voiceover Talent: An audio or radio reporter for audio stories, podcasts, or VR re-enactments.


Sound Mixer: A professional sound technician who records audio during a shoot.

Music Composer: A musician who creates original scores for video production.

Sound Designer: A professional audio creator responsible for post-production sound mixing for videos or animations.


Video Editor - News: A professional video editor who knows how to craft, edit, and package news stories or digital media content.

Video Editor - Commercial: A professional video editor with experience in commercial work.

Video Editor - Documentary: A professional video editor with documentary editing experience.

Colorist: A colorist is in charge of color correction or color grading for a film or video.

Senior Editor: A highly experienced editor for written content who can lead an editorial initiative, work with writers and execute ongoing written projects for clients.


Hair and Make-Up Stylist: A hair and make-up artist applies make-up and prosthetics on people during theater, television, film, fashion, magazines, and other productions.

Wardrobe Stylist: A fashion consultant who selects clothing for a project or event.


Editorial Photographer/Photojournalist: Editorial photographer for news and event coverage.

Event Photographer: A photographer who covers events, everything from corporate events to concerts and conferences.

Landscape Photographer: A landscape or travel photographer captures the world from afar or up close. They showcase travel destinations or man-made objects for media, advertising, or PR.

Portrait Photographer: A specialist in using lighting, backdrops and poses to capture the personality of the subject.

Product Photographer: A specialist in attractively displaying products for catalogs, brochures or online distribution.

Fashion Photographer: A photographer who captures images displaying clothing or fashion items for advertising, PR, or fashion publications.

Live Streaming

Mobile Journalist/Live Streamer: A professional multimedia journalist with experience covering events or news stories with a smartphone.

HD Live Operator: An HD camera operator with live transmission equipment such as a BGAN, satellite phone, or LiveU.

Full-Service Live Production: Production company specializing in live streaming videos that can handle all aspects of production and delivery.

Art Department

Art Director: The person responsible for overseeing the artistic aspects of a film, publication, or other media production.

Digital Design

Motion Graphics Designer: A professional designer who can create motion graphics, animations, data visualizations, and on-screen video graphics.

Illustrator: A person who draws or creates pictures for magazines, books, advertising, etc.

Graphic Designer: A professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design.

Animator/Visual Effects Artist:  VFX artist, or compositor, creates or manipulates imagery and animation in a video or film.

VR/AR: A virtual reality professional works with immersive experiences that replaces a real-life environment with a simulated one. An augmented reality professional augments your surroundings by adding digital elements to a live view, often by using the camera on a smartphone.

Metaverse: A Metaverse professional who is highly knowledgeable about virtual reality, a space where users can not only interact with a computer-generated environment but also with other users.

Social/Digital Media

Social Media Producer: A social media producer works with clients to create, schedule, pitch and distribute relevant content through social media platforms and online media.

Podcast Producer: A podcast producer acts as an administrator and technical director of a podcast. They manage the production, recording and editing of the scenes and other production staff.

Content Strategist: A content strategist works to understand business goals and user needs, and then plans the creation, delivery, and distribution strategy for the client.

Digital Content Creator: A digital content creator produces photos, videos, and written content for distribution on social media using tools provided by platforms to build and engage audiences.

Influencer: A social media personality who has built a reputation and following for their expertise on a specific topic.

Reporter/Journalist: A journalist who can write an article or provide research services for development.