How To Tell Your Global Stories and Still Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

Brands around the world have begun tuning into the conversation on sustainability and environmental issues. They have work that proves it - check out some of the compelling stories that drive the conversation forward, and how brands are using Glimmer to make a difference.

How To Tell Your Global Stories and Still Minimize Your Carbon Footprint
Photo by Paul Pastourmatzis / Unsplash

Now is the time for brands to tune into the global climate conversation and produce strong content that moves the conversation forward. There has been a constant trend of companies telling stories that promote sustainability - but it’s not only about telling these stories but following a content production model that reduces your environmental impact. Glimmer helps make this achievable by supporting local creators and economies with our global talent network. We’ve rounded up a few companies that have used Glimmer to hire and support local professionals while creating content focused on protecting our planet.


As Airbnb continues to expand into new markets and into new product lines like Airbnb experiences, video has become a powerful medium to tell their story. With access to Glimmer’s talented network of professionals, their San Francisco HQ based media production teams have been able to quickly find, hire, and pay crews from Latin America, Europe to Asia. For this project introducing animals to Airbnb Experiences, they hired Glimmer freelancer and filmmaker Alexandra Zerpa to help locally with production in Barcelona.

60 Second Docs

60 Second Docs produces original short documentary films featuring “the world’s most interesting characters.” They wanted to share the story of artist Liina Klaus who was disturbed by the amount of plastic floating in the ocean in Bali, Indonesia. So, she started collecting plastic and transforming it into works of art. 60 Second Docs hired Glimmer freelancer Ana Gonzalaz, then based in Bali, to film a high-quality narrative piece. The 60 Second Docs team remotely produced the shoot from their offices in Los Angeles.


MyHeritage needed a cost-effective and sustainable way to create high-quality, engaging customer testimonial videos that authentically personify their brand. They used Glimmer’s documentary filmmaker marketplace and freelancer management tools to find, recruit, and hire production professionals on the ground all over the world from the United States, New Zealand to South Korea. They hired Sweden-based filmmaker Bjorn Nilsson to share this story about half-siblings reunited after almost 80 years.

TBD Media

TBD Media is a London-based production company “aimed at helping business leaders understand the innovations and new thinking that are emerging from the business world.” They use Glimmer to hire local freelancers to film in various locations. TBD Media hired freelancer Maarten van Rouveroy in Amsterdam to help shoot the above story about innovative solutions that can lead to a more sustainable world.