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Anna Chiaretta L.

Buffalo, NY, USA

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$700 - $1500 / Day


Solid Pink Productions LLC is a production company owned by Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli who has been working in moving image for 20 years professionally and experimentally. She has worked with museums across the country for over 10 years supporting the creation of original content that illuminates the work of the most important artists and thinkers of our time. Her first video was a short film shot on VHS and edited on an analog JVC linear editing system at Buffalo-based Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center during high school, and she has continued working with video and film ever since, gaining a bachelor's degree in film and a master of fine arts in the process. After years running documentary film productions and web productions at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago she founded Solid Pink Productions to diversify her work on projects as a producer, director, cinematographer, and editor across genres, ranging from documentary to sci-fi noir comedy. Lavatelli works remotely and on-site in various cities including Chicago, New York, Mexico City, and LA—y habla español.

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Documentary DP
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Video Editor - Documentary
Non-Fiction Film Director


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  • DSLR or equivalent
  • 4K video camera
  • 2K video camera
  • Full HD video camera
  • GoPro or equivalent
  • Multiple cameras


  • Wireless lavalier mic
  • Shotgun mic


  • Lighting kit
  • Stabilizer

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Production Support

  • Non-Fiction Film Director
  • Production Assistant
  • Documentary DP

Post Production

  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Post-Production Manager


  • Creative Director
  • Production Company
  • Senior Producer / Project Manager
  • Content Strategist