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CNN's partnership with Glimmer has transformed its global storytelling strategy

Glimmer facilitated CNN’s rapid response to breaking news. When a major story broke, CNN turned to us to identify local videographers, photographers, and journalists who were on the ground and ready to report. This newfound speed and flexibility allowed CNN to provide up-to-the-minute coverage to its global audience.

But it didn't stop at news reporting. CNN harnessed Glimmer's creative professionals for unique feature pieces and documentaries. One particular project posting highlights the success of our partnership. For its feature show “African Voices Changemakers,” CNN had a specific goal: To find talented video production teams from different African countries. CNN wanted to share the stories of changemakers from countries they didn't often feature. Glimmer carefully selected and presented top-notch global creators, making it easier for CNN to choose the right creator for the project and guarantee excellent results. Through Glimmer, CNN hired a filmmaker in Rwanda to tell the story of Yvette Ishimwe, an activist on a mission to end Africa's water scarcity.

CNN and Glimmer’s partnership is a testament to the transformative power of our creative service platform in modern journalism and storytelling.


  • How to discover and connect with video professionals from all corners of the globe to respond swiftly to news-gathering needs.
  • How to find creators to tell unique feature pieces from around the world