Glimmer Studios

Glimmer Studios is a full service production studio delivering all forms of content for all platforms to today's leading brands and agencies globally.

Your Global Production Partner

Glimmer Studios powers today’s leading brands, agencies, media, and entertainment providers with our unique roster of award-winning creative talent in 190+ countries. With our global team of producers, directors, and creatives, you can seamlessly produce everything from TV spots, interstitials, social media content, and digital media to full-length documentaries. We Create authentic content that engages and resonates, all within a sustainable, inclusive platform for the modern world of storytelling.

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Our Creator Network

We have 44,000 producers, directors, DP’s, Showrunners, Drone, VR, AR,3D artists in 190+ countries producing award winning, authentic, diverse globally local content every day.

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Our clients

This was not something we could take on by ourselves. Glimmer Studios was exactly what we needed to be able to create this, especially as a small team. To directly quote our CEO, it was ‘the best video we’ve ever made.’

David Quintanilla, Video Creative Lead, Zapier

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