Our Reason For Being

We exist to unleash the potential of creators everywhere

We believe in the power of stories, and the creators, who weave words, images, and emotions into shared human experience. Creators have the magic ability to transport us to different worlds, to help us see from new perspectives, and to lead us toward meaning. Their work shapes our culture, our history, our future. But behind every great story is another. One filled with challenges, trials, and occasionally, triumph. And that’s our whole purpose, to connect the world’s creators with the people, tools, and resources they need, which keeps them inspired to do what they do best: telling powerful stories that change the world.

Our Story

From startup to creator economy powerhouse

Glimmer was founded in 2012 by the documentary filmmaker and video journalist, Jaron Gilinsky in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Journalist Alex Ragir joined as co-founder later that year. Originally called Storyhunter, Glimmer has grown from an independent filmmaker network to a widely used technology platform serving Fortune 500 brands, media companies, and professional creators worldwide.

Glimmer is the online home of more than 50,000 of the world’s most talented creators, who use the platform to host their portfolios, discover opportunities, and get paid quickly anywhere in the world.

Fortune 500 brands, agencies, and leading media companies rely on Glimmer’s all-in-one Creator Management Platform to assemble, manage, pay, and analyze their creative workforce, transforming into agile, sustainable studios capable of producing authentic content at any scale.

Today, Glimmer is one of the fastest-growing technology companies serving the Creator Economy. The platform pays out tens of millions of dollars to creators annually, helping tens of thousands of unique creative projects come to life. Glimmer is forging the most important and enduring creative partnerships of our era, who are changing the world one story at a time.

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Leadership Team

  • Jaron Gilinsky headshotJaron Gilinsky
  • Doug Wehmeier headshotDoug Wehmeier
  • Maximillian Schwartz headshotMaximillian Schwartz
  • Jeff Knight headshotJeff Knight
  • Skylar LeBlanc headshotSkylar LeBlanc

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