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How to grow your business with story driven testimonials

Zapier, headquartered in San Francisco, is an online automation tool that connects apps and services. Zapier wanted to create a story-driven brand testimonial video in order to show potential clients how their technology is helping their customers. They searched online for production companies in the UK; however, there was “skepticism around whether it was worth the investment,” the company’s video lead told us. They turned to Glimmer to take the guesswork out of the process. Glimmer matched Zapier’s marketing team with several top tier production companies that aligned with their budget and creative vision. Zapier ultimately chose Fable Films, an award-winning production company that’s “driven by stories with a strong visual ambition.

Fable Films helped during the pre-production process, which saved Zapier a lot of time. Zapier had a list of 500 potential clients to feature in their video. Within a week, Fable Films researched and narrowed it down to just a handful of the most unique and compelling customer stories.

Zapier wants to highlight the variety of ways businesses are using its product and plans to continue tapping into Glimmer’s global network of producers to create these powerful testimonials in countries from Brazil to Australia.

This was not something we could take on by ourselves. Glimmer was exactly what we needed to be able to create this, especially as a small team.

David Quintanilla, Video Creative Lead, Zapier


  • How to find the right production crew for the job internationally
  • How to hire a trusted and vetted video production team
  • How to quickly onboard and pay creators
  • How to storyboard and streamline the pre-production process

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