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Ben M.

Holloway, London N7 6PG, UK

$500 - $750 / Day


I'm a committed and hardworking journalist with a nose for a juicy story and the ability to deliver high-quality short films. For the last seven years I jumped head-first into one of the biggest stories of our time: the complex economic and political rise of China. In June 2008, as the gaze of the world's media was turning to Beijing and the Olympics, I took a gamble and resigned from APTN in London. Armed with a new camera, a one-way ticket to Beijing, and truckloads of enthusiasm, I set myself up as an all-shooting foreign correspondent for hire. Freelancing (at times without a journalist visa) was a massive learning curve and a test of my resolve. I am now based in London and keen to cover migrant issues in the Mediterranean region. I speak fluent Italian, French, Spanish, English and conversational Mandarin.

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