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Javed Rana, is the Editor of The Counter Narrative, a online Investigative magazine based in Islamabad, Pakistan. He carries over two decades of experience in print, online and television journalism. He has worked with many leading Pakistani and international newspapers and news channels before he started working as a freelance correspondent/producer/analyst and documentary maker for several international news channels including RT among host of other international televisions and newspapers. He regularly appears on national and international news televisions as an analyst on legal, human rights, political, economic and geo-strategic and terrorism related issues. Javed is prolific writer, columnist, investigative journalist, a script writer, has produced, reported thousands of live events, news packages, numerous short and long documentaries, hosted talk shows and conducted interviews with high profile leaders on major events of political and strategic significance. His documentary “Return of the Taliban” won New York Festival Tv & Film Awards 2022 Bronze in the International Category. It is one of the most prestigious and toughest competitions in the world. His in-depth reporting and analyses of political, economic and geo-strategic issues attracted international newspapers such as Los Angles Times, Khaleej Times, Arab News & many global Television news networks like Aljazeera (2003-2007) over the course of two decades. Javed carries a unique distinction to have developed an apt understanding of television and online journalism with deep down skill orientation of technicalities involved in videography and editing. The Counter-Narrative, an Investigative Multimedia Digital Magazine, is an offshoot of The Digital Dispatch, a Pakistani media company of which he is the CEO. The Counter-Narrative reports and analyzes major political and geo-strategic and terrorism related happenings in South Asia and Middle East while The Digital Dispatch, provides filming, production facilities together with the state of the art live streaming broadband infrastructure with green-screen background to various international news outlets. He heads a syndicated network of journalists to gather information, footage, host talk shows, produce news packages, short and long documentaries on issues spreading across the region. Javed is expert in Multimedia Web Development with WordPress themes. Show Reel of Javed Rana 1- 2- The Media Company 1-Show Reel of Javed Rana 2-Show Reel of The Digital Dispatch, Production House 2-Live with RT No Option with US but to exit from Afghanistan 3-Short Documentary: Pakistan's Covid-19 Scandal 4-Return of Taliban--- a 50 minutes Long Documentary 5- Pakistan in Great Economic & Political Turmoil 6- Mass Human Rights Abuses in Pakistan---- short documentary

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