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Rian V.

Pretoria, South Africa


Hi there, I am a documentary filmmaker who has a strong interest in humanitarian and nature/human interaction films. I am busy editing my documentary on the war against rhino poaching in South Africa. This has given me the opportunity to find fantastic stories where people triumph in a war we are losing against poachers! These stories will find a greater audience because of our need to protect those who can't fight for themselves, especially when the fight is about pure human greed, nothing else. My other interests are stories about minority groups losing their voice. I made a film about South African farmers murdered in massive numbers on their farms. The amazing inner strength that comes out of people when they lose their whole family will give strength to other people to carry on in the midst of the worst atrocities. Now I am busy filming my next film on the reason why men rape. South Africa is seen by some as the rape capital of the world and in my own way I want to tell the stories of the victims and the rapist, if we can understand why men rape we are a little bit closer to a solution.

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