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Quito, Ecuador


We are Clown Productions, a production company Communicational located in Quito, who works and evolves within the stated main objective which is to create audiovisual and visual content to support cognitive growth of the country and the people. Our Production Communicational is young but has a human talent with great attitudes and skills, we are always learning and show great creativity in all audiovisual products we carry. All works are executed with professionalism and respect for all our customers. Visual and audiovisual products we develop are: Documentaries Pedagogical, Artistic, Institutional Film and Television, Music Videos, Short films and feature films, television series, Photo Report, Fotodocumentales, Fotoartísticas and Fotopublicidades. Clown Productions is part of the FACE Foundation, which works to promote and disseminate the Ecuadorian artists, and as part of our jobs are they purely Ecuadorians.

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