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Duane L.

Toronto, ON, Canada


Hello my name is Duane and I am a freelance video producer. I believe that everyone has a unique story and capturing that journey has a great responsibility that I appreciate. It is being entrusted with very sensitive information and using it wisely to produce a compelling story. People's stories are powerful and it motivates me to share these experiences with others. I take the time to research in great detail the theme and the people involved. The stories I like to hunt for are short documentaries, portraits of people, cultural events and music concerts. My work has taken me to Australia, Canada, Japan, Dubai, Taiwan, Trinidad, Vietnam and China. Typically, every project and location is different and I enjoy the challenges of working in different environments and meeting people. For example, most of my published work are shot on location without prior knowledge of the scene. I then have to make spontaneous decisions to breakdown the scene and shoot accordingly.

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