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2011 Haj Village, Ghana

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Thomas Naadi Bitlegma is the CNN/MultiChoice African Journalist of the Year for the Environment (2015).He is a graduate of the University of Ghana/Ghana Institute of Journalism.He graduated with First Class Honours in Communication studies specializing in journalism. He started his Journalism career with Ghana Television and currently working at Viasat1 television as a News Producer. He has practiced Journalism for the past ten years. Achievements: A documentary he produce on the Plight of Children in a slum called Sodom and Gomorrah won the 2011 Miss World Beauty with the Purpose award for Miss Ghana, Stephane KariKari.She used the documentary for her project for the competition. He also won the BEST IN ROAD SAFETY REPORTING at the 2011, Ghana National Road Safety Awards for E.TV GHANA. He has also won an international award in London ( Best in Agribusiness/Environment, Diageo Africa Business reporting Awards. His interest is in Documentary film making and News Reporting.

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