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Alvaro A.

Barcelona, Spain

$600 - $1500 / Day


As a documentary filmmaker and journalist, I have been creating compelling and impactful stories for various media outlets, mostly for the BBC, for over 15 years. I am based between London and Barcelona, and I have travelled to diverse and challenging locations around the world to capture the human stories behind the headlines. I am specialised in observational documentary, and I am involved in every stage of the production process, from developing, producing, directing, filming, to editing. I am passionate about using my skills and experience to inform, educate, and inspire audiences across different platforms and formats. Some of my recent work includes documentaries on the rise of the virtual K-pop princess, the expulsion of Asians from Uganda, and El Salvador's big Bitcoin gamble.

Top Services

Documentary DP
Non-Fiction Film Director
Video Editor - Documentary


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  • Action Camera
  • DSLR Camera


  • Directional Microphone
  • Lavalier Microphone

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Production Support

  • News Shooter / Video Journalist
  • Documentary DP
  • Non-Fiction Film Director
  • Field Producer
  • Drone Operator

Post Production

  • Video Editor - News
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Video Editor - Commercial


  • Creative Director
  • Production Company
  • Translator