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Michael C.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

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$600 - $1800 / Day


As a transmedia storyteller and creative agitator, Mikey Cordero gets to the heart of the matter by chronicling the narratives of struggle and triumph through a variety of formats and platforms. To reach a wide audience in an effective and honest manner, Mikey combines the impact of digital media with the art of storytelling. A 2nd generation Nuyorican and Brooklyn Native, Mikey has dedicated himself to preserving and celebrating urban life culture. Through his work, he aims to encourage the conversation of hope and resistance. As Co-creator on the Defend Puerto Rico Transmedia Project, Mikey narrates the story of Puerto Rican resilience and resistance through a multimedia movement sparking action and awareness. He also served as Producer and Editor on East WillyB- a satirical take on a Brooklyn community going head to head with gentrification and cultural ramification. Driven by the need for cultural resilience and inspired by the youth’s creativity and passion, Mikey co-founded Scope of Work (S.O.W) with two of his partners. S.O.W creates a creative space for young talent in NY to thrive in by providing resources, real world experience, and mentor relationships. He’s coordinated several youth programs and has had award-winning work featured in film festivals. Mikey has also launched several successful arts, community and media, based businesses.

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Documentary DP
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Video Editor - Documentary
Creative Director


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  • Full HD video camera
  • DSLR or equivalent
  • 4K video camera


  • Wireless lavalier mic


  • Lighting kit

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  • Field Producer
  • Commercial DP
  • Documentary DP

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  • Video Editor - Commercial
  • Video Editor - Documentary
  • Transcriber


  • Creative Director
  • Production Company
  • Immersive/Spatial Video Capture