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Amman, Jordan


Hello, I am a multimedia journalist. Born and grown in California. I currently live in Amman, Jordan where I do various freelance journalism projects. Before moving to Jordan I lived in New York for several years. I was an in-house associate producer and cameraman at Vice Media in Brooklyn and a UnionDocs Fellow. Most of my work these days is still for Vice. But I want to branch out a bit. I'm primarily interested in character stories that highlight larger political themes. I just finished making a documentary about Libyans who are receiving medical treatment in Jordan. It's really a personal story about a husband and wife trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization but it sheds light on the issues that surround a post-revolution Libya. I also like making music videos. My friend, Rhana Natour, told me about Storyhunters as an ideal outlet for some stories we are developing in the Middle East region. After looking at your business model and the work you produce, I think she is right. I would like to be apart of the team. I look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards, Matt Yoka

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