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Lorena N.

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico


I love the look of your site. I'm writing to apply for the post of video journalist. I am a professional award-winning freelance journalist with extensive experience. I previously held the post of Producer at the BBC World Service Latin American section. I also possess a PhD in Cultural Studies. I am originally from Mexico, am fluent and published in both English and Spanish, and have experience writing for online, radio and video as well as direct experience in front of the camera working as a newsreader. I am a proficient with a camera, both video and still, and can tell compelling stories. I have a number of exciting ideas I could jump right in with, but would love to hear more about the kind of stories you're most interested in receiving, and a little more about how your whole project works. Please note that video material related to my work is not available online, so I cannot enclose video clip URLs herein. I enclose my CV for your consideration, and sincerely look forward to hearing back from you.

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