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Cassio P.

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil


A hunter of simple but touching stories. Cassio Peres is a documentarian seeking to reveal the path of people that have changed their own reality with little attitudes and gestures. Men and women from the country and city with major biographic wealthiness in their lives!Being opened to listen to them is all it takes. And this is one of the biggest virtues of a documentarian: knowing how to listen and express the essence of the testemonials. Among Cassio Peres's works is the documentary series Tradition Routes, presenting the differences between men that work with cattle in several brazilian states. He has also been the director of the documentary Origem Crioula, about the history of the Creole Horse. He is specialized in short films that portrays a day of a person's life. One of the one hundred directores chosen for the Life in a Day Piece, with a work about an agriculturist's work day. With 20 years of profession, he's graduated in journalism by the Caxias do Sul University, postgraduated in marketing and has taken movies and documentaries courses, besides other several fields of television. He is executive producer, screewriter, reporter, field director and text/image editor.

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