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León J.

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico


Hi, I´m León, I'm a D.P. Graduated from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica CCC film school in México City in 2007. I've mostly been doing tv documentaries for mexican cultural channels since but also fiction, commercials, even weddings and comercial still photography for assorted campaigns. I want to start a docu-project in D.F. that will be about characters that service the community in their every day job but pass by unadvertised, minimised, even hated or misunderstood by general opinion but whose roll is what makes this society unique. These could be: garbage collectors or sweepers, fireman, policeman or women, shoe shiners, car window cleaners, street car parking watchers, mason man, but also include people whose jobs are of everyday consumption like tortilla makers, bakers, craftsman etc. I want to call this series "Heroes" Trying to find what makes them essential to the city necessities, but also as members in their close society like family or neighbourhood. Every episode will portrait a regular everyday life from the moment they wake up describing how they interact to society through their activity but also the way they live, think and feel about their life.

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