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Antonio D.

Bari, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy

$70 - $70000 / Day


Antonio Di Cosola was born in Bari on 23-06-1984. Author of audiovisual products (web videos, commercials spot, short films, serials, music videos, films). Creative writing teacher at PROGRAMMA SVILUPPO, a training institution in partnership with the Puglia region (ITALY). His experience begins with the THEATER by collaborating with various theater companies. He immediately began writing for the theater and representing his shows. Without ever leaving the stage, he continues his experience as a presenter in events and in television broadcasts. He collaborates with various television networks and radio stations as a speaker. Over the years he specializes in web productions, both as an actor, acting with many web personalities nationwide and both as an author. Receives a nomination for best supporting actor at the Rome web award. As an author, he has collaborated and written numerous scripts for comedy videos, scripts for music video clips, scripts for commercials.

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Copy Editor
Senior Editor

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  • 4K Camera
  • Action Camera


  • Directional Microphone
  • Lavalier Microphone


  • Dolly
  • Slider
  • Stabilizer

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Production Support

  • Documentary DP
  • Line Producer / On-Location
  • Event Photographer
  • Audio Storyteller
  • On-Camera Talent


  • Series Producer / Show Runner
  • Creative Director
  • Copywriter
  • Copy Editor
  • Social Media Producer
  • Senior Editor
  • Executive Producer
  • Production Company
  • Senior Producer / Project Manager