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Alexsandro S.

Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil

$300 - $500 / Day


By 7 years worked like advertising and in 2003 initiated like screenwriter and director of video. I worked by 2 years in the Corporate TV of the Petrobras realising documentary. In 2010 I directed more than 40 programs for the Office of Education of the State of the Bahia. I was instructor in workshops of video and animation stop motion for the Government of State of the Bahia and in cities in the in the State of the Maranhão with support of the Federal Government. I realise short and half-metragens, VTs advertising and institutional, documentary, animations, videoclipes and TV programs. Have cameras and equipments for an excellent individual production. I am had to work in any part of the world, like documentarist, videomaker, screenwriter, director or editor.

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