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Richard D.

Acton ACT 2601, Australia


I have worked as a broadcast news and current affairs journalist for the past 17 years, and more recently as a video journalist. Im passionate about the possibilities that video journalism offers to tell the stories that otherwise dont get told. Its been my long-held ambition to make the transition from news and current affairs reporting to full-time freelance video journalism. While I would be happy to cover any story that Storyhunters commissions, Im particularly interested in those that deal with issues of social justice, welfare and the environment. I believe video journalism is at its best when it focuses on people and communities. The most compelling way to explain events and involve viewers is to show how people are affected. Ive included links to 3 stories I filed as a video journalist for Australian public broadcaster, SBSs current affairs program, Living Black. The stories demonstrate my shooting and scripting skills. Im based in Australias capital, Canberra where there are plenty of stories to be told, and Im happy to travel interstate or overseas if required. Im excited by the prospect of working for Storyhunters and support its philosophy.

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