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Jean S.

New York, NY, USA


I am a visual storyteller with a heart for humanitarian and diversity issues. I have a habit of questioning and documenting things that happen in our society and everyday lives. I am particularly interested in covering issues of North Korea. As someone whose grandfather is from the North, I have been inspired to look into various aspects of North Korea's narrative. There are the North Korean defectors who try to rebuild their lives in South Korea or other countries including the United States. There are families who were separated during the Korean War and still hold onto hopes of reunification. There are humanitarian aid workers who try to impact the lives of North Koreans. There are so many stories that I hope to cover. As for my background, I have a masters in broadcast journalism from the Medill School of Journalism and studied visual communications at Washington University in St. Louis. I do freelance work for NY1 News in New York City and have worked for the digital creative department of and With my visual arts and journalism skills, I find multimedia storytelling to be equal parts artistry and reportage.

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