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I am a freshly minted college graduate seeking an opportunity to enter the world of television and film production. To this pursuit I bring not only the de rigueur enthusiasm, work ethic, etc., but real skills and knowledge accumulated through my varied experiences as a communication/theatre major at The University of Scranton. Last fall, my documentary film class gave me a taste of the world of film production. Students were required to produce their own documentary, and in four months I produced, directed, and edited Inside the Dramatic Mind, a behind-the-scenes look into the theatre world. My favorite moment of filming my documentary was when I interviewed upcoming playwright Corinne Nulton. I asked her what theatre meant to her. She responded with a story that not only touched my soul, but a story that I would've never heard outside of that moment. It's those intimate moments, face to face, human to human, that make being a Storyhunter worthwhile.

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