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Bryce S.

Richmond, VA, USA


Im an Emmy Award winning filmmaker and PR professional who has created over four hours of content for TV and designed a collection of tools used in communication campaigns. Over the past three years, I have produced well over 100 videos for a wide variety of clients. My most notable work is producing, filming and editing the television show, VSU Today, and filming a series of commercials for Virginia State University. Each video Ive created has been strategically developed into a unique communication solution for each clients needs. One thing that sets me apart from my peers is the genuine passion I possess and express in both life and work. For as long as I can remember, Ive had a natural attraction to visualize, conceptualize and actualize my thoughts in a creative way and connect people in different yet effective ways. I have a personal life-long goal of making the world a better place through my actions. I search for stories that I know will make an impact. It's important to open peoples eyes. Through my work, I plan to share the beauty of difference from around the world. One day- I hope to travel the world and capture what I see and feel.

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