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Ayana E.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

$400 - $500 / Day


I come from the humble midwest, finding myself in the heart of New York. With a dual degree in film and human rights, my career has been a push and pull between hollywood and non-profit organizations. I've worked with a number of film production companies and their big personalities, to local grassroots organizations with more passion than pocket money. As for now, I work as an Associate Producer at a documentary production company based in Brooklyn, while out of the office I spend my time in the hunt for stories. My tastes are simple. Rather than seek the most uniquely curious odd story yet to be publicly known, I ask what questions haven't been asked, and what perspectives haven't been told. I'm fascinated by the lady in my neighborhood who teaches piano to the deaf, while I contemplate the ants running single file up a blank wall. Letting my curiosity lead me, I start with one question and end with a million more.

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