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Alistair L.

Cape Town, South Africa


Extensive Africa experience (44 countries) as a freelance shoot / edit for major international outlets (BBC, CNN, UNTV, UNDP, Aljazeera English, more) for the last 20 odd years. Most of my work these days for UNDP as a one man band. Photography too. Reality includes the Amazing Race and others. Using DSLR's has given me a whole new outlook. Excited and hungry again. Africa is my passion. Interests are Africa progression and African Politics. Conservation and sustainability as well as social upliftment and travel and tourism. Also a conflict specialist for many years. Have a wide variety of topics in mind and have an extensive network of contacts across the continent. Favourite countries right now are Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Malawi, Namibia, Tanzania. I keep an eye on the whole continent so South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya are also close to heart. North Africa would be my weak point as my interest there is limited. You can find my cv and links to stories on my Linkedin page which is below. Also my website. All web info in development right now. I look forward to hearing from you.

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