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Arturo D.

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico


Hi, my name is Arturo de la Peña. I am a journalist, multimedia producer and videographer from Mexico City. My current job title is Digital Media Director for H Grupo Editorial, which means I am in charge of producing all the video content for that media group. Since I am the only videojournalist in the group, I have no specific beat. This has made me produce music, sports, fashion, culture, and arts stories. Nevertheless, my major was in international commerce; plus, I have another degree in contemporary music composition. So, I feel very confident to produce news in these two topics mainly, but can cover almost everything. (To see my video CV, please go to this link The reason why I started to produce video in the first place was because I saw the Mexican Tiger Fighting for Rain God documentary by a Storyhunter! Since that moment, I knew what my next professional was. Becoming a storyhunter myself.

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