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My journey as a filmmaker started with a childhood love of Hollywood blockbusters and has matured into a documentary career that blends the personal with the socially conscious. Thus far, my documentaries have examined such issues as the struggles of modern families, the difficulties of transitioning into adulthood and community's impact on our lives. Each of these issues holds a personal importance in my own life, but my films examine these issues not through an autobiographical portrayal, but by looking at the world around me. As I complete my Masters of Fine Arts in documentary film, it is clear that education and social awareness are important aspects in my life. I see myself as a student of the world and of the city of Chicago. I believe it is my duty as a documentary filmmaker to learn as much as I can about our society and to honestly present it to my audience. I believe if you just take the time to listen; friends, neighbors and people you would often overlook can tell you the most extraordinary story. My films aim to capture these tales of individuals and by examining the singular, we as an audience can see how society is impacted as a whole.

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