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Aaron S.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


I am a multimedia storyteller and journalist with a passion for short-form video storytelling. I care most about human-driven stories that either expose little-known realities shed light upon things that are not fully understood or are overlooked. Stories I have told in documentary style that have inspired me include the story of a long-shot candidate for the 2011 Chicago mayoral election and the inside story of Kenya's miraa trade. I both write and work in video production, but what inspires me about video storytelling is the truth that is necessarily involved when images are part of a story, and the creative possibilities inherent to video production. After beginning my career as a newspaper reporter I earned my MSJ in 2011 from Northwestern University, with a concentration in documentary storytelling. I followed that up with a fellowship at a TV station in Nairobi where I produced, shot and edited in-depth news packages. Currently I am the managing editor of a technology B2B magazine, for which I also produce and manage all web video content. I would love to join the Storyhunter team and produce exciting, inspiring news-related video content.

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