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Judah D.

Detroit, MI, USA


My name is Judah David, and I myself am a young black male. I realized that filmmaking was what I wanted to do while in school at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, and am now working as a documentarian for One of Us Films in Detroit, MI. Since working for One of Us Films producing stories for Excellent Schools Detroit, I have realized that I love finding stories about young black men that are defying stereotypes and contributing positively to their communities. I also love to find stories that deal with social action and bringing awareness to social injustices. By finding and presenting these stories to the general public, I hope to not only raise awareness about important issues in our community, but also to commend those already making a difference in those issues and to inspire others to do the same. I hope to shine a positive spotlight on my city, long berated for its elevated crime, illiteracy, and poverty levels. There are so many great things about the city I was born and raised in, and I hope that my work will help the world realize that there is hope for a brighter future in the city of Detroit.

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