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Carlos Z.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

$700 - $1000 / Day


My name is Carlos Andres Zaconeta Muñoz. I'm a writer/producer/director from La Paz, Bolivia. I've been working in production since 2006 with experience in advertising, TV, and cinema working in Bolivia and other countries like Brazil and Chile. As a storyteller, my goal is to tell the hidden stories of Latin America through documentaries, feature films, and episodic content. Currently developing a documentary titled "Black Stone" an intriguing story about the hidden world of private collectors of archaeological artifacts, where a mysterious stone emerges raising doubts and promising new evidence about ancestral civilizations in the Andes.

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  • 4K Camera
  • Action Camera
  • Drone Camera


  • Lavalier Microphone


  • External Recorder

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  • Documentary DP
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