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My name is Carlos Andres Zaconeta Muñoz, I'm a producer from La Paz, Bolivia. I have a bachelor degree in Communications Sciences and currently I'm taking a course of Executive Production at "Academia Internacional de Cinema" in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've been working in production since 2006 as a assistant director, producer coordinator, executive producer and director. Most of the time in Bolivia and in 2007 and 2008 I went to Chile. During my first years I worked making advertising then I had the opportunity to do some TV shows, after a while I realize that what I really wanted to do was entertainment through documentary's. Last year I produced a documentary in Bolivia with some friends from Chile. My will is to become a documentary director telling story's that people can't see. Realities that are in front of us but with put attention. Images from different worlds that have to be covered and showed to audiences. One of those story's is about the local shoeshine boys from La Paz, Bolivia. Most of them work covering their face to be unknown by people who can recognize them. A lot of them are exposed to drugs and every month one of them dies because of drugs.

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