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Paula K.

State of São Paulo, Brazil


Hi. My name is Paula. I am 29 years old. I have been working in the Brazilian Media Industry since 2001. I lived in Seoul (South Korea) to pursue my master's degree in filmmaking between 2006-2009. I work as director, producer, copywriter and content writer for various formats (fiction, comedy, commercials, documentaries). For the last couple of years, especially, I have found great pleasure documenting people's stories. My main interests are sports (I do marathons, swimming challenges in the ocean, jiu jitsu and mountain bike. I have done tae kwon do, karate, contortion [circus], malabarism, ballet...), women (image, self image, independence, social roles), teenagers and kids (education, bullying, self esteem), among may others. I have a special interest on people's weirness, psychiatric yards, society, education, values and families, and among my projects are documentaries on eating disorders, disabilities, hospitals, obesity and education in Brazilian schools. Kids who are in a fragile context in society and how sports, arts, activities in general can make the difference in the future of the country as a whole.

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