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Savitri R.

Kathmandu 44600, Nepal

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Journalism was my functional paper in Bachelor degree. I finished a Masters in Rural Development in 2008. Since 2006, I have been traveling all over Nepal while on different assignment; from urban to remote locations, I’ve worked as a fixer, translator and local producer It’s a job that’s taken me to the extremes of Nepali society, one day interviewing the richest man in Kathmandu, the next staying with the country’s most deprived people in a rural area. I work for foreign media on a wide range of subjects and I have a strong understanding of my client’s goals. Thanks to that I established a vast network of connections all over Nepal, with, for example, local journalists, police and local leaders. Being connected is paramount as most people are not listed in the Nepali Yellow Pages. I am not a tour guide, nor am I a travel agent. My interest is to assist professionals visiting Nepal so you can get your job done without too much frustration or wasting time solving problems. Often I make documentary and promotional movies as local producer with my Nepali film crew.

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