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I am an EMMY Award-Winning video journalist with more than 34 years experience in television news production, television news management, public relations and marketing video production. I feel this unique blend of creative experience and talent will stand me in good stead serving in the position for which I am applying. Utilizing my degree in Journalism, I began my television news career on-air as a reporter/photographer for various local television news operations in Oklahoma and Texas, then transitioned to full-time news photographer at KUSA-TV in Denver, Colorado. With that experience behind me, I developed into as good a writer and producer as I am a shooter and editor. In short, I am truly, that consummate one-man-band you keep hearing about in an era when downsizing in the television industry is a common trend. The EMMY I won for WTNH-TV in New Haven, was also for my writing and producing as as well as for for my shooting and editing! That EMMY was the only one earned by the television news operation that year! I am open to pursuing stories of any genre - news, feature, political, sports and more!

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