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Rialda Z.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


Hi there! My name is Rialda Zukic and I was born in Srebrenica in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I spent most of my childhood in Germany and the United States (Kentucky to be exact). As a child, I was very curious and always knew I wanted to tell stories. Looking back at old family videos, I'm always the one holding the camera and asking my family members questions. Many years have passed since then, but not much has changed in that regard. I'm still holding a camera and now asking strangers questions. I'm currently finishing up graduate school at NYU studying broadcast news and documentary film. I'm in the process of making my first documentary. I'm focusing on the post-war ethnic conflict in Srebrenica. The town was the site to one of Europe's worst war atrocities since World War II. My film examines what life is like for Srebrenica's youth, Bosniaks and Serbs, almost 20 years since the war. The stories that I'm interested in covering explore conflict, its roots and possible solutions following tragedy + war. I like telling stories that put me outside my comfort zone and challenge authority when necessary. I also like telling dynamic arts stories and exploring underground music scenes.

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