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Bill E.

Rutherford, NJ, USA


I started my career as a broadcast journalist, but realized that today small format video is the place to be. I created Emmy Award winning nonfiction television programming -- from traditional documentaries and news reports, to narrative driven real-life stories and magazine-show segments. At the same time, I was the creative force behind engaging and involving cross-platform videos. Besides developing and producing programming for PBS, ABC, CBS, Discovery and HBO, I also have extensive business media experience. That includes Video News Releases and digital video projects, distributed worldwide, geared to both professional and general audiences. Clients included Johnson & Johnson, Edelman Communications, Novartis, Vanderbilt University, Trinity Television and Save the Children. Essentially, I am a storyteller, and I love what I do. I use the experiences of unique, empathetic characters to tell stories that captivate and engage audiences. Its a skill that has taken me across the United States and around the world, with extensive periods of time spent in China. Still, you often find the best stories just down the block...

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