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Sofia R.

Lisbon, Portugal


I did my Bachelor and Masters degree in Science Communication, at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and since 2007 I have been publishing in portuguese newspapers and magazines. I lived in Florence, London, Barcelona, Bissau and Brussels, always working as a freelance journalist. Recently, Ive published a feature about sub-Saharan migration in Moroccos and how those people are struggling trying to pass to Europe. Human Rights, Immigration and inequality are the two subject I most like to investigate. One of the topics I would like to explore with Story Hunter help is the difference between North and South Europe. European crisis has overwhelmed the media coverage but there are many few approaches that show how different Europe can be. Having Netherlands and Portugal as examples, I would like to cross the two countries and talk with several type characters (from a farmer to a business man, from an old woman to a young unemployed...) in order to understand how their constraints, their ambitions, their way of facing and explaining crisis can change because of their geographical position. Shortly,when we talk about Europe we are talking about different realities that must be shown.

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