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When I found out that Brian Babylon hosted a weekly comedy show in Bronzeville, I immediately thought that there was an interesting video piece there. The show was something unique for a neighborhood known more for its urban decay than for its entertainment options. I biked out to the heart of Bronzeville twice with a camera and sound equipment in my backpack. I got some great footage and had some good laughs. Then I organized an interview with Brian at his place of work and put together the video in time for the launch of the South Side Weeklys new website. He loved the video, and so did my editors. Many other reporters at the paper had had ideas for video projects but I was the only reporter to follow through with a finished product for publication. A good storyteller has to know how to craft a narrative over multiple mediums. I have taken the effort to gain experience in all aspects of documentary video production, DSLR photography, audio editing for radio, and news writing. Please visit my profile at to view clips of my work in video, photography and radio as well as my written articles. Thank you.

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