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Tania R.

Dhaka, Bangladesh


I am a multimedia freelance journalist based in Dhaka Bangladesh. I was one of the first correspondents on the ground when Rana plaza (garment factory) collapsed, and produced/hosted a series of 2-3 minute news packages, and did a series of photo stories for Al Jazeera English undercover. I've also covered the controversial hanging of Quader Mollah, a war criminal accused of crimes of humanity during the 1971 war when East Paksitan (Bangladesh) was fighting for it's independence for CNN International. I am currently working for VICE news as a host/producer, finishing up a 20 minute documentary on the Bangladesh elections. I can shoot, edit, and produce under tight deadlines. Though I have covered mostly politics, and breaking news I am very interested in covering stories on climate change, and women's rights. I am keen to show the world what the mainstream media is not covering about Bangladesh.

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