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Cassio T.

Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil

$200 - $600 / Day

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Cassio Tolpolar was born and raised in the south of Brazil. He worked for seven years as an Assistant Director on various documentaries, short films, TV shows and commercials. Cassio’s debut as a Director and Writer, the short Venus, was screened in a number of film festivals around the world and won several awards, including Best Director and Best Cinematography. It led him to direct for television and, ultimately, to move to the USA and complete the MFA in Film at the San Francisco Art Institute. He has been affiliated with film institutions such as Sundance (Sundance/NHK Award and the Film Festival), Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. Upon his arrival in the US, he worked in a number of experimental short films, TV shows and documentaries. Cassio has recently returned to Brazil, where he is promoting his latest documentary, Mamaliga Blues.

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