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Alain B.

East Jakarta, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


French citizen (at least the passeport) Independant filmmaker and photographer living in Indonesia since 21 years with the full authorization for shooting all over Indonesia. Interested by a lot of subjects (we have just to open our eyes and listen) but maybe more by Humans (including tribes) and animals. I collaborated with several companies and also making promotional movies for Guerlain (with Michelle Yeoh), Christian Dior and others ... If it's about video or pictures ... I am immediatly interested :-)) and open minded. You can see my websites : - for reportage/magazine (*New: partnership production) - for documentary and fixing/scouting in Indonesia and East-Timor - for video footage and pictures An amazing thing is that I started 4 months ago with the idea to share and collaborate for productions .... and today I found your website with the same spirit. And we have so many subjects here ! OK ! so many things to say that better to stop ! The best Alain Today in post-production "The Legend of Raja Ampat" teaser at :

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