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Andrew M.

Brooklyn, NY, USA


Photographs, videos, and words these are the tools with which I report the world around me. Since graduating with dual degrees in journalism and history from Boston University in 2011, Ive been working on as a freelance all-platform journalist. My work has been published by The Boston Phoenix, The Boston Globe, and MIT Press, and I have interned for Agence VU in Paris and the Photographic Resource Center in Boston. For the past two years I've produced a documentary project, Folk to Folk, which explores emerging traditions of folk music among a new generation of performers. I have a passion for learning about communities in order to better understand how we choose to gather and form identities in the 21st century. I see the media I produce as a means to document and participate in these worlds, whether they be D.I.Y. musicians, Civil War reenactors, or affordable housing activists.

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