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I believe, that stories are about communication, but nevertheless communication is far ct in most films that come from West Africa;to be able to speak frame by frame aesthetically and technically compelling enough to be understood beyond barriers of language, and that is what I choose to show through my films. There are so many stories left untold from Africa,one of the reason why i decided to start shuttling between Austria and Nigeria more; , but how do we intend to achieve this ,definitely not by selling sand to the Arabs.We have to develop our own identity, a true reflection of our own stories as content. The question? Is this what we have to offer? We can still choose to look back and retrace our origin and start again through pictures that matter to us as African people, by communicating stories as a social tool for change ,using every frame to see not just the truth behind the story but the hearts that tell as well... We only hope you allow us hunt along ,story by story...

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  • 4K Camera
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  • Lavalier Microphone

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